Personalize your Palm(tm) handheld with Comic Zipnotes, a collection of fun reminders and message pads to keep you organized while on the move.

Our whimsical stationery features these popular comic characters:
Garfield Ziggy Cathy
Bizarro Captain RibMan Punk

Comic Zipnotes cover a range of practical uses: alarms, appointments, check lists and reminders, each with a fun comic image.

Zipnotes are a snap to use: just pick a note and scribble your thoughts, right on the screen. Notes are labeled by category, for easy recall. You can even pick your favorites, for faster access.

Zipnotes requires BugMe! 3.7, the popular note-taking software from Electric Pocket. A free trial version of BugMe! 3.7 is included in all Zipnotes products. If you do not have BugMe!, get BugMe! Comics and SAVE $5 with this special offer! BugMe! Comics includes a registered version of BugMe! 3.7, PLUS Comic Zipnotes 50, a collection of 50 fun reminders for your Palm(tm) handheld.

BugMe! and Zipnotes run on any handheld with Palm OS 3.5 or above. This includes most PDAs from Palm Inc, Handspring, Sony, IBM, Kyocera and more (grayscale or color screens required).

For instructions on how to install and use Zipnotes, please check our FAQ.

Zipnotes from Handtap. Say it with character. More >>>

BugMe!, BugMe! Messenger, PopMe! (c) 1997-2001 Electric Pocket Limited
Zipnotes (c) 2001-2002 Handtap Communications.
Bizarro, Captain RibMan, Cathy, Ziggy and other comic characters (c) uclick/Andrews McMeel Universal. Garfield (c) Paws, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


BugMe! Comics
The popular note-taking tool, PLUS 50 fun reminders

Captain RibMan 25
25 fun reminders

Garfield Zipnotes 25
25 fun reminders

Comic Zipnotes 25
25 fun reminders

Comic Zipnotes 50
50 fun reminders

Comic Zipnotes 75
75 fun reminders

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