Stay in touch with Email Zipnotes, the quick messaging solution your Palm ™ handheld. Send text and picture messages to any email address, with BugMe! Messenger and our wide selection of message pads for business and personal use.

Email Zipnotes cover a range of everyday uses, with practical messages for all occasions: Call me, Don't forget, Hello, Thank you, Running Late and more. Email Zipnotes also include a collection of fun greetings featuring Garfield, Captain RibMan, Bizarro, Ziggy, Cathy and other popular comic characters.

Email Zipnotes are a snap to use: just pick a message, scribble a personal note, and send it out, now or later. The BugMe! Messenger software is top-rated and supports all types of media (handwriting, text, pictures, photos). This world-class messaging solution has received many industry kudos:
“A fun, easy way to send messages to colleagues that rivals — and even surpasses — the capabilities of any other wireless e-mail client for Palm users.” USA Today

Email Zipnotes requires BugMe! Messenger 2.1, the popular note-taking and email software from Electric Pocket. A free trial version of BugMe! 2.1 is included in all Zipnotes products. If you do not have BugMe! Messenger, get BugMe! Email 2002 and SAVE $5 with this special offer! BugMe! Email 2002 includes a registered version of BugMe! Messenger 2.2, PLUS Email Zipnotes 50, a collection of 50 quick messages for your Palm ™ handheld.

BugMe! Messenger gives you all the benefits of the popular BugMe! note-taker, plus an easy way to share your notes by email. NO WIRELESS CONNECTION REQUIRED! A free Email Conduit is included, allowing Windows PC users to send and receive Email Zipnotes during HotSync ®. BugMe! Messenger also includes a free 1-year email subscription, as well as full support of most wireless and modem solutions for Palm ™ handhelds.

BugMe! Messenger and Zipnotes run on any handheld with Palm OS 3.5 or above. This includes most PDAs from Palm Inc, Handspring, Sony, IBM, Kyocera and more (grayscale or color screens required).

For instructions on how to install and use Zipnotes, please check our FAQ.

Zipnotes from Handtap. Say it with character. More >>>

BugMe!, BugMe! Messenger, PopMe! (c) 1997-2001 Electric Pocket Limited
Zipnotes (c) 2001-2002 Handtap Communications.
Bizarro, Captain RibMan, Cathy, Ziggy and other comic characters (c) uclick/Andrews McMeel Universal. Garfield (c) Paws, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


BugMe! Email 2002
The hot new email software, PLUS 50 practical messages and fun greetings

Email Zipnotes 25
25 quick messages

Email Zipnotes 50
50 quick messages

Email Zipnotes 75
75 quick messages

Garfield Email 40
40 fun greetings

Bizarro Email 40
40 fun greetings

Comic Email Zipnotes 40
40 fun greetings

Comic Email Zipnotes 60
60 fun greetings

Comic Email Zipnotes75
75 fun greetings

Office Email Zipnotes 75
75 practical messages


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